Young adults ‘do it all’

Thirty young adults participated in activities during Annual Conference, with a particular focus on ice cream, faith, and friendships.

Group of young adults sitting on a grassy hill.

The New Commandment

A poem by Ruthann Knechel Johansen shared as part of the Bible study on the afternoon of July 7 at Annual Conference 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Metal flowers on a wall

Annual Conference 2023 July 6

Updates for Thursday, July 6 in Cincinnati, Ohio, including quotes from worship, news links, and attendance and offering numbers.

Hundreds of people sitting in a large hall.

Bethany Theological Seminary offers a BOLD lunch

Bethany Theological Seminary has experienced ten years of sustained growth and welcomes larger classes, including a wider range of ecumenical students, because of a focused mission of returning to Brethren core values by instituting new programs.

Three people seated with microphones

Conference approves resolution on Doctrine of Discovery

New Business Item #6, a resolution of lament and for action, was adopted by the Mission and Ministry Board by unanimous consent at its spring meeting, and forwarded to the 2023 Annual Conference for adoption. The delegate body spent quite a bit more than the scheduled time working with this resolution, mostly trying out amendments to improve it.  In the end, the resolution was passed by a large margin.  

Auditorium filled with people. Large screens show the 2023 Annual Conference moderator and logo
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