Freed from the Smoke and Ashes: Reflecting on Pope Francis’s Service of Prayer for 9/11

We lined up two by two in rows on Liberty Street in Manhattan to enter onto the Foot Prints grounds where the Twin Towers had once stood. In the line were the families of survivors and those like myself, representatives of our faith communities. As the line began to move you first hear the sounds of the water flowing, and then all eyes beheld the sight of the mighty pool of never-ending, streaming waters.

Newsline Special on the 9/11 Anniversary, with Worship Resources

Newsline Newsline Special Sept. 9, 2010 “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39b). 1) Church leaders call for civility in Christian-Muslim relations. 2) Brethren worship resources for the anniversary of Sept. 11. ********************************************************** A note from the editor: This week’s regularly scheduled Newsline will appear later today, featuring an announcement of the theme and preachers

Childcare Team Aids Families at Plane Crash Site

The Critical Response Childcare Team is responding to the crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407 in which 50 people were killed late last evening close to Buffalo, N.Y. The Critical Response Childcare Team is a part of the Children’s Disaster Services ministry of the Church of the Brethren. Judy Bezon, director of Children’s Disaster Services,

Brethren Witness/Washington Office: Use This Anniversary as Opportunity for Unity and Hope

Sept. 11 worship resources for Brethren congregations are available at the “Way of Peace” website at Although the resources were collected and posted for previous year’s 9/11 remembrances, they are still fresh and helpful for Brethren who are seeking to remember and keep in prayer the Sept. 11 events. A Brethren pastor who served

Brethren Leaders Invite Congregations to Pray, Act for Peace

On a day of terror alerts and increasing violence in the Middle East, Church of the Brethren leaders are joining in a call to congregations to pray and act for peace, including general secretary Stan Noffsinger of the General Board, On Earth Peace co-directors Bob Gross and Barbara Sayler, and Brethren Witness/Washington Office director Phil