Christian Citizenship Seminar to focus on immigration and asylum policies

The Christian Citizenship Seminar (CCS) planned for Washington, D.C., on April 11-16 will bring senior youth and their adult advisors together in the nation’s capital to engage the theme “And They Fled: Advocating for Just Immigration Policy” (Matthew 2:13-23).

The CCS 2024 focus is on immigration and asylum policies, looking especially at the story in Matthew chapter 2 in which Jesus’ own family had to flee political violence and leave their home. Youth and their advisors will learn about the issues, meet with policymakers and activists, and experience ways in which Christian faith drives service to and advocacy for others.

The event will include leadership by Becky Ullom Naugle, director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries for the Church of the Brethren, and Nathan Hosler, director of the denomination’s Office of Peacebuilding and Policy, among others.

Scholarships may be available to help youth attend. Find more information about the event including cost and a draft schedule, and online registration at


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