Introducing ‘Shine Everywhere’

A release from the Shine curriculum of Brethren Press and MennoMedia

We did it! We have named our new initiative “Shine Everywhere.” We love the fact that it builds on Shine and extends the light metaphor of living in God’s light!

The Shine curriculum started in children’s Sunday school, has moved into the home through, and now through Shine Everywhere is moving out into the everyday and “everywhere” places in which we live, work, and learn—everywhere we practice our faith.

We want Shine Everywhere to become a community of churches and families who discover and practice the everywhere habits that grow faith in children. Faith grows through our relationship with God, the church, and each other, so Shine Everywhere will primarily be a community of believers whose focus is learning to know Jesus and become more like him.

What are you learning about Jesus? What helps your kids learn to know Jesus? We want Shine Everywhere to be a place you can share these things and know you will be heard.

Join us! Sign up at and keep in touch with what we are learning about the everywhere habits that grow faith in Jesus.


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