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By Jan Fischer Bachman

Read this story in Spanish.

Read this story in Haitian Kreyol.

The Church of the Brethren website offers instant translation into 15 languages. Here are instructions to access those languages:

At, look for the small translation box near the top right. home page with red arrow pointing to the translation widget

Click the box to see a menu of options. Choose your preferred language. home page showing list of languages available for translation

All web pages are translated; documents and text on images are not translated. Translated pages have a two-letter code in the URL (web page address). For Spanish, for instance, this is /es/. For Haitian Kreyol, it is /ht/. home page in Spanish. URL is home page in Haitian Creole.

Once you know the two-letter code for your preferred language, you can insert it into the URL for any page on the Church of the Brethren website by typing it in immediately after this text – – and adding a forward slash before and after the two letters for the language you choose. For instance, the Office of Ministry in Spanish is and in Haitian Kreyol is

When going to a page on, the translation box often will be found at the top left or top right. Following are two examples.

On a mobile device (cell phone), access the translation box by going to the home page and clicking the symbol with three lines at the top (often called a “hamburger menu”) to see navigation, including the translation option.

When viewing the Church of the Brethren website on a mobile device (cell phone), on internal pages the translation box often will be floating near the top.

If you observe a very poor translation, please send the information to, with the URL for that webpage and very specific instructions about what needs to change.

— Jan Fischer Bachman is the website producer for the Church of the Brethren.


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