Next online meeting of Standing with People of Color process is Nov. 18

A release from the Standing with People of Color Committee

The Church of the Brethren Annual Conference has called for a three-year denominational process to move toward more vibrant and effective solidarity with communities of color. You are invited to join the efforts of the Standing with People of Color Study/Action process by attending an online meeting on Saturday, Nov. 18, to get connected and find your role in our efforts.

The initial planning committee is reaching out across the denomination seeking volunteers and helpers to bring this process to life. We need many kinds of assistance–networkers, facilitators, interviewers, writers, etc., and people to pray.

On Saturday, Nov. 18, at 4 p.m. (Eastern time), we will meet via Zoom in a live session to help plug people into roles, get connected, and thus create a web of leaders at local, district, and denominational levels.

Some of you have already let us know about roles you are interested in. We are still looking for people to fill roles such as:

Help reach out to involve more people in this process.
Help organize the network of Church of the Brethren racial justice advocates.
Children and youth engagement.
Pray or join a prayer team for this effort.

Lead or support discussions using seven prompts in your congregation, district, or family.
Team up to lead educational events in your congregation or district–location-based or online.
Curate biblical educational resources.
Develop an annotated bibliography to help meet different needs.

Let us know that you are already involved in taking action for racial justice.
Take steps to get your congregation or district involved.
Take steps to get involved in racial justice concerns in your local community.
Interview people who are already taking action and write up their stories.

Join the committee to help develop this project.
Serve on a working subcommittee for the Standing with People of Color Committee.
Newsletter support.
Website support.
Database maintenance.

Join us as we get ourselves organized for the next phase of the work!



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