A busy week at the Material Resources warehouse

Material Resources staff at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md., have been very busy with a number of recent shipments of relief goods:

The staff unloaded three 53-foot “piggyback” trailers from Portland, Ore., and Seattle and Spokane, Wash., filled with Lutheran World Relief donations of quilts and kits.

Two 40-foot containers were filled with medical supplies and equipment and shipped to Haiti and Tanzania on behalf of the Brothers Brother Foundation.

Shipments made on behalf of Church World Service (CWS) included:

— 210 fleece blankets shipped to Arizona for a Border Shelter Response;

— 30 fleece blankets and 120 hygiene kits shipped to New York for refugee use;

— 100 wool blankets, 90 fleece blankets, and 36 period packs for houseless people in Arkansas;

— 50 wool blankets, 60 fleece blankets, 60 school kits, 120 hygiene kits, 72 period kits, and 120 tubes of toothpaste for houseless people in North Carolina; and

— 30 fleece blankets, 150 school kits, 120 hygiene kits, 120 tubes of toothpaste, 108 period packs, and 36 cleanup buckets for the New Jersey Refugee Resettlement Area.

Please pray… For the relief goods shipped by Material Resources staff, that they may meet the needs of people affected by disasters both natural and man-made.

Find out more about the Church of the Brethren’s Material Resources program at www.brethren.org/brethrenservicecenter/materialresources.


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