Kay Weaver retires as director of stewardship for Atlantic Northeast District

Kay Weaver has announced her retirement on Oct. 15 as director of stewardship for the Church of the Brethren’s Atlantic Northeast District. She has served in the position since 2003.

Her work for the district began in 1997 when she first joined the Stewardship Commission. In 2002, when she served as chair of the commission, she helped establish the roles for the new part-time employed positions of the Ministry Directors that continue today.

Her service to the district has included work related to various properties including Haitian First Church on Flatbush Avenue in New York City, as well as helping to oversee a variety of funds, legal matters, and helping to establish the ANE Ministry Investment Plan, among others. Presently, she assists Brooklyn First with building repair issues and organizational structure.

Her work on the denominational level has included service as a member of the Church of the Brethren’s Compelling Vision Team.

She an ordained minister now serving as interim pastor for Brooklyn First in New York, and she also plans to continue to work in real estate.


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