Shannon Kahler retires from Inspiration Hills, Andrew Kauffman appointed interim executive

Andrew Kauffman has been hired by Northern Ohio District to serve as interim camp executive director at Inspiration Hills, beginning Dec. 1. This is a two-year appointment with the potential to continue as the financial situation of the camp stabilizes, said the district announcement.

Kauffman will follow Shannon Kahler in the position, with four weeks of overlap before she retires at the end of December.

Kauffman has worked at Camp Mack, a Church of the Brethren camp in Indiana, for multiple years both as an employee and as a volunteer. He moved to Arizona in 2008 to teach in the school system, where he also was a technology coordinator and dean of students before becoming a principal and then superintendent. During that time, he returned during the summers to volunteer at Camp Mack until his administrative roles kept him in Arizona year round.


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