Highland Avenue church ranks among CROP’s top 100

By Howard Royer

The $7,241 raised by Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren in Elgin, Ill., in last fall’s CROP Hunger Walk, warranted the congregation a Certificate of Appreciation from Church World Service. In a congratulatory cover note, Jon K. Skogen of CWS/CROP disclosed the church’s walk team ranked in the top 100 fundraising teams nationally for 2022.

“We have one goal–building a world where there is enough for all,” Skogen said of CROP’s partnership with congregations and communities across the nation. “We are building this world together through your efforts and the CROP Hunger Walk.”

The Certificate of Appreciation, on display on the bulletin board in the church’s Fellowship Hall, reveals donations achieved by Highland Avenue’s “cream of the CROP” fundraising team rank 82nd in the country. Highland Avenue’s participation in the march last Oct. 16 was led by Peg Lehman and enlisted 15 walkers. Overall, the churches of Elgin participating in the 2022 CROP Walk raised $24,000.

— Howard Royer is a member of the Highland Avenue church and retired from a lifetime of service on the denominational staff of the Church of the Brethren. This article first appeared in the email newsletter of Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren. Find out more about the CROP Walk at https://events.crophungerwalk.org/2023.

Find out more about the CROP Hunger Walk at https://events.crophungerwalk.org/2023.

Please pray… For all the churches and other community groups whose members participate in CROP Hunger Walks, that they may be blessed as they bless others in need.


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