Standing with People of Color Committee offers facilitator training for upcoming conversations

From releases distributed by On Earth Peace

The Standing with People of Color Committee that was put in place by the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference in 2022 is laying groundwork for the denomination to engage issues of race for a decade into the future. The committee includes members of Southern Ohio and Kentucky District and staff of On Earth Peace and the Church of the Brethren.

“We are creating a network of Brethren racial justice advocates, partnering with districts, congregations, and agencies in education efforts, and lifting up creative action on persistent issues of racial injustice,” said committee member Bruce Rosenberger, who has been tasked to lead the process.

Please pray… For the Standing with People of Color Committee and their work, and for those who participate in training to become facilitators for conversation across the Church of the Brethren.

“7 Prompts” facilitator training is now being offered as part of the process leading to church-wide conversations around the themes of standing with people of color and working for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. The committee invites the entire denomination to participate in conversations–anywhere from the family dinner table to the round tables at Annual Conference–using seven prompts designed to start discussion. The prompts range from one’s own family history, through questions related to how we hear Jesus calling us now.

On Earth Peace reports that at least four districts are considering how to hold these conversations at their district conferences this year and next.

Training opportunities for facilitators

Two training opportunities are scheduled for people who want to learn about the “7 Prompts” in order to help facilitate conversations. Designed to take place in small groups, conversations will be guided by the prompts to move from the participants’ own personal histories onward to discussions of justice and racism. The design of these prompts invites participants to look within themselves and reflect on their own experiences and perspectives in a way that can help foster broad engagement and create a path toward faithful and passionate Brethren involvement in racial justice. Present in the facilitator training sessions will be people who have led similar discussions in other settings.

What to expect in the facilitator trainings:
— An introduction to and experience of the “7 Prompts.”
— An introduction to the BELOVED conversation model.
— Exploration of ways to use these prompts in different settings.
— Hot tips for facilitators.


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