Election results

New officers of the Church of the Brethren have been elected by the 2023 Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dava Hensley
Dava Hensley

Dava Cruise Hensley of Roanoke (Va.) First Church of the Brethren in Virlina District will serve as Annual Conference moderator-elect. She will serve as moderator for the 2025 Annual Conference.

Hensley is pastor of the Roanoke First Church of the Brethren. She has also served as a youth leader, Sunday school teacher, deacon, and moderator. At the district level, she has been moderator, a member of the district board and executive board, and other positions. At the denominational level, she has served on the Mission and Ministry Board and the New Church Development Committe. She has presented or preached at Annual Conference, National Youth Conference, and National Older Adult Conference.

Additional election results

Program and Arrangements Committee: Gail Heisel, Pacific Southwest (2026)

Mission and Ministry Board – Area 2: Tina Hunt, Northern Ohio (2028)

Mission and Ministry Board – Area 3: Deirdre Moyer, Virlina (2028)

Bethany Theological Seminary Trustee (Clergy): Jennifer Hosler, Mid-Atlantic (2028)

Bethany Theological Seminary Trustee (Laity): Mark Gingrich, Northern Plains (2028)

Eder Financial Board: Dennis Kingery, Western Plains (2027)

On Earth Peace Board: Audrey Zunkel-DeCoursey, Pacific Northwest (2028)

Pastoral Compensation & Benefits Advisory Comm (Laity, Personnel).: Lori Hurt, Virlina (2028)

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