Children’s Disaster Services deploys team to Guam after Typhoon Mawar

By Carolyn Neher

Children’s Disaster services (CDS) has deployed a team of six volunteers to Guam in partnership with the Red Cross. The first volunteer traveled on June 12, and the full team will be in place by June 16. They set up a childcare center in a shelter on the island and the first 4 team members saw 70 children on June 15. The team is scheduled to serve through July 4.

Guam, a US territory in the Western Pacific, was hit May 24 by Typhoon Mawar, the strongest storm to affect the island in more than 20 years. Mawar, with sustained winds of 140 miles per hour, caused damage to homes and buildings, flooding, and loss of electricity that continues to extend across the island. Currently there are 3 shelters open for those whose homes were damaged, with an overnight population of more than 750.

The CDS volunteers are serving children in the shelter with a center providing activities, a calm presence, and caring attitudes. They arrived in Guam with two of CDS’ trademark “Kit of Comfort” suitcases containing carefully selected toys that promote child-led imaginative play. This encourages the children to express themselves, thereby starting the process of healing following the trauma of the storm and its aftermath.

— Carolyn Neher is associate director of Children’s Disaster Services. Find out more at Give financial support to this work at

CDS photo by Melodie Bernhard

Please pray… For all those affected by Typhoon Mawar, the island of Guam as it recovers from the disaster, and the CDS team members who are serving affected children and families.


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