Brownsville hosts meeting about safety of local road

By Calvin Park

At Brownsville Church of the Brethren we recently found a way to be good neighbors that we’re excited about and thought other churches might be interested in hearing about–an out-of-the-box means of being “Jesus in the Neighborhood.”

The road that Brownsville Church of the Brethren sits on is Maryland Route 67. The community has had concerns regarding safety on this road for many years, particularly as it regards the elementary school that is on the road about a mile south of the church.

Hearing community and church member concerns, I contacted Washington County (Md.) government to set up a town hall meeting, to be hosted at the church. The county government worked with the church to set up the meeting and ensured state officials also were present. The church worked to get the word out in the community and we were able to host well over 100 community members at the meeting.

The meeting was reported in the newspaper, see www.heraldmailmedia.com/story/news/local/2023/06/29/pure-aggression-citizens-demand-officials-address-unsafe-driving-on-md-67citizens-demand-officials-a/70364213007.

This is just one way we are working to address the needs of our community and show Jesus’ love.

— Calvin Park is pastor of Brownsville Church of the Brethren in Knoxville, Md.


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