Brethren Press offers next series of Advent and Lent devotionals, ideas for Christmas gifts

By Jeff Lennard

Our next series of seasonal devotionals from Brethren Press are offered for Advent 2023 and Lent 2024. These paperback, pocket-sized books are suitable for individual use and for churches to give to their members:

All Things New

by Kevin Kessler (Advent 2023)

Advent is a season of the church year in which we are reminded that God listens. Pleas and prayers were answered when God arrived among us in Jesus, the name which means God is my help. The daily scripture readings in this devotional offer a glimpse of humanity’s desire for change, for a new identity. As you hear the yearning of people in these readings, perhaps you will connect at a very deep and personal level. You may be reminded of your desire for renewal, restoration, redemption, revival. May you find your new identity in the encounters you have with the One who came to us in the flesh, who lived and loved among us, who resides with us still. Order online at

Through Thick and Thin

by Beth Sollenberger (Lent 2024)

An important part of the Easter story is the “Road to Emmaus” in Luke, when people walked and talked with Jesus and recognized the living Christ standing, striding alongside, or pausing to share supper across the table. This devotional shares stories of God’s presence in everyday people along the journey. It invites you to identify God’s presence in the people you meet along your own journey. Enjoy these stories of how Christ’s love and grace is revealed by those who are there through thick and thin. Order online at

The latest releases from Brethren Press will make great Christmas gifts for family and friends:

The Peace Table: A Storybook Bible

by Chrissie Muecke, Jasmin Pittman Morrell, and Teresa Kim Pecinovsky

A comprehensive storybook includes biblically faithful retellings of 140 Bible stories and stunning artwork from 30 illustrators. An excellent resource for families and faith communities who want their children to love Jesus, grow in faith, and become peacemakers who change the world. Order online at

A Year of Living Differently: How Brethren Volunteer Service Changed Our Lives Forever

by Jim Lehman

This book is something of a photo album in words, providing snapshots of the people, places, ideas, and stories that make Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS) a unique organization with outsized impact around the world. First-person accounts from BVSers make up a generous part of the book, which includes an extensive appendix listing of volunteers–more than 7,000 people. Order online at

Luke and Acts: Turning the World Upside Down

by Christina Bucher and Robert W. Neff

In this readable study, learn how the biblical narrative in Luke and Acts portrays the Jesus movement as one that reverses social structures and turns the world upside down. Jesus’ teachings, grounded in the Hebrew scriptures, point to a new way of living–in communities empowered by the Holy Spirit and centered on the heart. Special attention is given to what Luke and Acts can teach those who identify as Anabaptist or Pietist. Discussion and reflection questions for small groups are included. Order online at


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