Virtual vigils held as executions take place in different states

By Rachel Gross of the Death Row Support Project

Death Penalty Action is hosting virtual vigils as executions take place in different states. The vigils begin an hour before the execution is scheduled and end either after the execution has happened or when it is called off. Each vigil takes the form of a webinar via Zoom.

There are prayers and music and sharing from a variety of speakers, providing a way for those of us against state killings to be in solidarity with one another. Sometimes family members of the person being executed are a part of the vigil, and the last two execution vigils have included expressions of support from members of the victims’ families as well.

If you would like to attend a virtual vigil, sign up to receive emails from Death Penalty Action at

One of the regular participants in these vigils is SueZann Bosler, member of Miami (Fla.) First Church of the Brethren. She is the daughter of pastor Bill Bosler, who was murdered in their home in 1987. She herself was stabbed and left for dead in the attack. After her recovery, she has devoted her life to abolition of the death penalty.

— Rachel Gross is director of the Death Row Support Project, a Church of the Brethren initiative. Find out more at

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