‘Simple gifts’ is the theme for this year’s Advent devotional from Brethren Press

By Jeff Lennard

Every part of the Christmas story is miraculous. God’s love was made manifest in a lowly barn, in the dark of night, for ordinary people. We need not believe that we must do anything extraordinary to make this season magical. There’s no need to worry about shopping for it or allowing the stresses of life to weigh us down. Perhaps if we practice leaning into the simplicity of the holy story and the sacredness of our ordinary lives, we will find joy and peace.

The Brethren Press devotional series is published twice a year in anticipation of the Advent and Lenten seasons. This year’s Advent devotional is written by Kathy Guisewite, titled Simple Gifts: Devotionals for Advent 2022.

Becoming a seasonal subscriber to the devotional series is easy, saves you money, and costs only $8 a year for both regular print booklets or $16 a year for both large print booklets. Subscriptions are renewed automatically each year at the discounted rate and bulk quantities can be adjusted with a simple call. Subscribers can cancel their enrollment in the program at any time. To sign up call 800-441-3712 and ask about the seasonal devotional standing order program.

The early order special for the Advent devotional is $4 (large-print edition $8). Purchase online at www.brethrenpress.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=8488.

Please pray… For Brethren Press, the publishing ministry of the Church of the Brethren.


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