Montesion Church of the Brethren in Lares, P.R., celebrates 44 years

By Jose Acevedo, DDC

In a joyful spirit, pastor Carmen Mercado, Puerto Rico District executive minister José Callejas, and pioneer leaders of Montesion Church of the Brethren of Rio Prieto in Puerto Rico, celebrated a glorious service in gratitude to our God for walking with us for the past 44 years.

Thanks to the Glory of God we have been able to project God’s love into our community of Rio Prieto, a very rural area, through evangelistic activities that have extended our hands to the needy, to the one who has been forgotten. We have tried to be “the hands and feet of Jesus,” says pastor Mercado.

The 44 years have been challenging to us, but we have been able to embrace our brothers and sisters by demonstrating the mercy and love of Jesus in their neighborhood. All the glory to HIM. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


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