Lafayette Church statement denounces racially motivated violence

Lafayette (Ind.) Church of the Brethren developed a statement in response to recent violent events around the country, that they would like share:

“The Lafayette Church of the Brethren strongly denounces racially motivated violence such as the recent murders in Buffalo, New York. As Christians, we know God loves everyone and calls us to love our neighbors and our enemies. We confess that we have been silent when we should have been speaking out against racial violence. We will not be silent anymore.

“We pray for forgiveness for our silence and lack of action. We pray for a change of heart for our country, where racial hatred and violence is so prevalent.

“As we mourn for those murdered in Buffalo and elsewhere, we extend our prayers to the victims’ families, their friends, and their entire communities as they seek to regain a sense of security and the strength to move forward. We also pray for repentance and forgiveness of those who commit such terrible acts.

“In light of recent and ongoing racially motivated injustice and violence, we are called now more than ever to stand up for all of our brothers and sisters of all races and religious beliefs. We encourage you to join us in prayer and commitment to stand up and speak out about racial injustice and violence, wherever it may occur.

“Let us all stand together as Jesus Christ would want…Peacefully, Simply, Together.”

— This church statement was first published in the newsletter of the Church of the Brethren’s South Central Indiana District.

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