Helping Hands Benevolence Fund to the rescue

From the Atlantic Northeast District newsletter

Oasis of Hope Fellowship (Iglesia Berith, Oasis De Esperanza) located in Lebanon, Pa., was recently able to make a difference in the life of a family in their church. This family found themselves in a difficult situation this summer. The roof of their home was damaged and water would come through the roof whenever there was rain. The ceiling inside the house was falling from the humidity. In addition, the entire family was suffering from asthma and other health issues so the strong smell of humidity in the home was danger for them. The family was at a loss because they did not have the financial means to repair the roof. They had reached out to their homeowner’s insurance company, who declined to help them with this serious situation.

Pastor Arlyn Morales reached out to the Atlantic Northeast District to request help from the Helping Hands Benevolence Fund. She explained that the church was eager to help this family but that there were very limited funds available. The district Witness and Outreach Commission approved a grant of $5,000 to be used toward the needed repairs to this roof.

The work has now been completed and the family is doing well. They are happy and thankful with all the help that they received from the Atlantic Northeast District Helping Hands Benevolence Fund!

— Find the January/February 2022 newsletter from Atlantic Northeast District at www.ane-cob.org.


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