Continuing nominations for the Annual Conference ballot are encouraged

By Dave Stauffer, chair of the Nominating Committee

The deadline for nominations for the Annual Conference ballot has been extended to Jan. 4, 2023. The Church of the Brethren and its agencies depend on leaders elected at Conference from nominees proposed by the wider church.

Have you made a nomination?

Thanks to all who have submitted nominations! We have received excellent nominations, but additional names are needed. Look at the open offices at and consider the gifted people you know in the church. Then fill out the simple online form, at the same webpage, to nominate someone.

Have you nominated someone but not yet told them you did?

Call or contact anyone you’ve nominated to let them know why you thought about them. Encourage them to take the next step. They can agree to be in the pool of candidates considered for the ballot by filling out the nominee information form on the Annual Conference site and submitting it to the Conference office.

Have you been nominated and not yet accepted the call to be considered?

If, after prayer and discernment, you’re open to a possible call to serve, please fill out the information form and return it. This serves as your acceptance to being on the list of those who will be considered for the ballot at next summer’s Annual Conference. Without it, your name won’t be included in the Nominating Committee process.

Have you had interest and a sense of call to serve in one of the roles that are open?

Talk to someone who knows you and test that sense. If affirmed, ask that person or another to nominate you!

We are seeking a range of candidates who represent the breadth of the church.

We pay attention to the “Call to Accountability for Equality of Representation on Annual Conference Ballots” (see the link at the bottom of the webpage, seeking to include diversity in age, race/ethnicity, gender, and theology.

The process of elections holds layers of discernment.

The Nominating Committee, meeting in January 2023 will engage in prayerful discussion of the names of all those who have agreed to be considered, and will narrow the list of nominees to four per office. The full Standing Committee narrows it further to two names per office, which will be on the Conference ballot. Finally, the Annual Conference will elect those who will serve.

The Annual Conference office will receive nominations until Jan. 4.

— Dave Stauffer is chair of the Nominating Committee for the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference. The Nominating Committee is a subcommittee of the Standing Committee of district delegates. Find out more about the nominations process and the open positions on the ballot, and make nominations at


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Please pray… For the Nominating Committee and for all those making nominations and being nominated to the Annual Conference ballot.

Photo by Glenn Riegel
Photo by Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford

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