Brethren Press publishes 2022 Lent devotional

“We Wait for Light” is the title of the 2022 Lent devotional for Ash Wednesday through Easter published by Brethren Press. The author of the devotional is Walt Wiltschek, district executive minister for Illinois and Wisconsin District and a member of the editorial team for the Church of the Brethren magazine Messenger.

The devotional, a small paperback booklet, is available online at for the cost of $4.50 for the regular print size, or $8.95 for the large print size.

“Sometimes darkness seems to last forever,” said a description of the devotional. “We gaze toward the horizon for any gleams of light, rays of hope. This Lent, we wander in exile with Isaiah, waiting and scanning the sky for the first hints of Easter brilliance. God assures us that we are not forgotten. A new day is coming.”

The Brethren Press devotional series is published twice a year in anticipation of the Advent and Lenten seasons. Becoming a seasonal subscriber costs only $8 a year for both regular print booklets, or $16 a year for both large print booklets. Subscriptions are renewed automatically each year at the discounted rate and bulk quantities can be adjusted with a simple phone call. Subscribers can cancel their enrollment in the program at any time. To subscribe to the devotional series, call Brethren Press at 800-441-3712 and ask about the seasonal devotional standing order program.


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