Annual Conference office co-sponsors webinars on theme of equipping for leadership

By Chris Douglas

The Annual Conference office is co-sponsoring two online workshops offered by Womaen’s Caucus on the theme “Equipping for Leadership.” All are invited to join! The first webinar titled “Leadership in the Church of the Brethren” will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 24, at 8 p.m. (Eastern time) via Zoom.

To attend, email In addition to the Zoom link you will receive a short document to read in preparation for this workshop.

Questions to be addressed include: How do people get on Program and Arrangements Committee anyway? And Standing Committee–how is that different from Mission and Ministry Board? Do Brethren Benefit Trust and On Earth Peace pick their own board members or do we? How do I nominate people? Who can I nominate? What do I do if I get nominated? How do we deal with getting nominated every year but never making it on the ballot? Or getting on the ballot but then the delegates vote for someone else–publicly and painfully?

Bring all your other good questions, too, and Nominating Committee and Annual Conference officers will be with us as we get equipped to lead the church: today and tomorrow.

— Chris Douglas is director of the Annual Conference office.


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