Scott Douglas retires from Brethren Benefit Trust

From a BBT release

Scott Douglas has announced his retirement as of Jan. 31, 2022, as Brethren Benefit Trust (BBT) director of Relationships and Growth (formally Client Relations). His last working day will be Jan. 27, 2022.

He began his tenure with the Church of the Brethren when first employed by the former General Board in September 1997. In November 1998, he began serving as director for resources for the former Association of Brethren Caregivers, a position he held until May 2005. He returned Jan. 5, 2009, as director of the Brethren Pension Plan and Employee Financial Services for BBT. For the last 13 years, he has provided leadership for a multitude of projects.

In January 2014, Douglas was called to head the newly created Client Relations department for BBT. He has continued to look to the future with strategic planning foresight, possessing an ability to build strong relationships with the denomination’s members, individually and organizationally.

“Scott has shown a great ability to pivot to the changing needs of our members and react to evolving cultural dynamics,” said BBT president Nevin Dulabaum. “He is passionate about his work, the people we serve, and the mission of helping people better themselves through good discernment using sound financial principles. Scott has helped make the organization a success and that has translated into meaningful experiences to those we serve.”


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