New Youth Fellowship Exchange has launched

By Becky Ullom Naugle

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry has launched a new initiative called the Youth Fellowship Exchange, which aims at providing pandemic-safe fellowship opportunities to youth from all over the country. Free and fun, youth groups can find renewed energy for forming relationships and engaging with “the other.” In a time when opportunities for cross-congregational fellowship are limited, this is a fresh and easy activity.

Youth advisors are invited to fill out an interest form online at this month (February).

A flexible structure for the video calls, in addition to several “online friendly” ice breakers and community building games, are part of the package. Youth advisors can use these tools or create their own structure for the video calls.

In March, interested youth groups will receive more information about which group they’ve been matched with, as well as contact information for the advisor of the other group. The advisors can work out a time that suits their two groups for an online meeting. Advisors can use technology they have access to and are most familiar with, or the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Office can provide one-time access to video call technology.

In addition to the Youth Fellowship Exchange, the Youth and Young Adult Ministry has announced an online Bible study on the evening of Feb. 21 about the proposed compelling vision. Register at

While this type of fellowship exchange is no substitute for in-person fellowship, it is a possible way. Even if there were not travel restrictions and health concerns, this way of hanging out with another Church of the Brethren youth group will still steward resources like time and money most efficiently.

Contact with questions.

— Becky Ullom Naugle is director of the Church of the Brethren’s Youth and Young Adult Ministry.


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