Brethren Press offers a new Bible story book from Shine

Brethren Press is offering a new volume of the Shine curriculum’s Bible story book, called All Together: God’s Story for You and Me. The book serves as the source of the Bible story for elementary classes. One new volume is produced each year, containing all the Bible stories for that year.

The book is suitable to purchase for each child in elementary age Sunday school classes, for each Sunday school teacher, and also for families who would like to share the Bible stories with their children at home.

The book features the two versions of the Bible story for each week of the Shine curriculum for elementary ages, in the form of an illustrated or “cartoon” retelling of the story and a version that uses the exact Bible text. God’s Story and My Story prompts accompany each story, providing questions and interesting facts about the story.

Cost is $10.99 for this paperback book. Purchase at www.brethrenpress.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=80885.


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