Network seeks mission advocates for each congregation and district

By Carol Mason

Do you wonder about what is going on in mission work these days? Ever since the Mission Alive Conference of 2012, it has been the goal of the Global Mission office to have a network of mission advocates who want to answer this question for you.

At that time, volunteers were found in each of our church districts who would make sure mission prayer requests, news, and plans were presented at district conferences, printed in district newsletters, and made readily available to each congregation within a district. These volunteers are called District Mission Advocates.

As Mission Advocate Network coordinator, I am updating this network in time to welcome our new Global Mission executive directors Eric Miller and Ruoxia Li. In addition to district advocates, we are updating the Congregational Mission Advocates list as well, so the new directors know they have volunteers in every congregation willing to keep mission news in front of our church members.

If you have a passion for mission, and love to share what you learn about this growing work, consider becoming a mission advocate in your congregation or district!

The mission advocates help us host international visitors to district conferences and Annual Conference, arrange for pastor exchange Sundays and speaking engagements, and will be vital to the next Mission Alive event that may be held as soon as 2022. Remember hosting the EYN Appreciation Choir in 2015? We thank our mission advocates and their congregations for all the behind-the-scenes work they did for that massive undertaking.

Find out more about the Global Mission Advocate Network at, where you may contact me to express interest in becoming a mission advocate. Also, sign up today to receive the Mission Prayer Updates to continually lift up the joys and concerns of our global church. And keep watching this webpage for mission resources and news.

Carol Mason is Mission Advocate Network coordinator for the Global Mission office of the Church of the Brethren.


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