Gather with the Dunker Punks for a virtual love feast

A Dunker Punks release

With Holy Week around the corner, the Dunker Punks team is finalizing another Virtual Love Feast service for the beloved community.

Motivated to support the denomination in a time when many churches are still not hosting in‐person services, the Dunker Punks invite everyone to come together digitally to renew our commitment to follow Jesus’ example of love.

The Dunker Punks Virtual Love Feast webpage is

Since love feast in person is made up of simple, meaningful acts recreating the night of the Last Supper, the Virtual Love Feast simply recreates those symbols by gathering voices from across the country to speak them into the ears of every sister, brother, and sibling who tunes in.

Last year’s online offering of the Brethren Maundy Thursday tradition was a digitally shared experience amongst over 1,500 people via the Dunker Punks Podcast feed and a special companion YouTube version.

Where that service was a traditional interpretation, this service is being planned with the Dunker Punk twist. So, WWDPPLFLL–What Would a Dunker Punks Podcast Love Feast Look Like? The most punk part about being a Dunker is following Jesus in that particular way each person may feel called, while still doing discipleship together.

There are two ways to be a part of this year’s Virtual Love Feast community: 1. gather your congregation to listen together and 2. send in a video recording of your voice.

1. The Dunker Punks Podcast is about young people starting important, faithful conversations. If you are a pastor or worship planner, consider bringing your congregation together around this virtual offering and adding in a time of response after watching it together. For example, set a Zoom (or your preferred online meeting space) for Thursday evening. Share your screen to watch Virtual Love Feast together and then stay together for a time of discussion. You will find links to the YouTube version and audio version at Email to receive a download of the show file to play directly, an order of service for the viewing, a list of discussion prompts, and a closing prayer to guide the concluding conversation.

2. There’s still time to be on the show and help lead the service! The Dunker Punks Podcast is not a one-way project in which you only put on the headphones; we are a ministry community where we pass the mic to learn from each other in mutual spiritual aid and action. One of the key components is that sense of togetherness we feel by hearing voices of Dunkers from across the country on the podcast, so we would love to hear from you! Grab your phone or sit down at your computer and respond to one of the following questions. Record a video of your 30-second or so reflection and upload it to by the end of the day on Sunday, March 28.

— When have you been shown great love?
— Where have you seen great acts of service?
— How have you experienced humility?

The Dunker Punks team prays that you have a meaningful Holy Week, a beautiful Easter, and that our Virtual Love Feast is a significant opportunity for you to connect with others and focus this season on Jesus’ way of servant love.


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