Dunker Punks plans online love feast, seeks pastors and worship planners to submit recordings

From a Dunker Punks release

As we journey through Lent and look toward Holy Week and Easter, a group of Dunker Punks are right now preparing another Love Feast service bonus episode for the beloved community. You are invited to join in!

We seek to once again support the denomination in a time when many churches may not be hosting in‐person love feast services.

Last year’s online offering of the Brethren Maundy Thursday tradition was a digitally shared experience amongst over 1,500 people via the Dunker Punks podcast feed and a special companion YouTube version. Where that service was a traditional interpretation, this service is being planned with the Dunker Punk twist.

So, WWDPPLFLL–What Would a Dunker Punks Podcast Love Feast Look Like? The most punk part about being a Dunker is following Jesus in that particular way you feel the calling, and Dunker Punks do discipleship together.

Be a part of this year’s online Dunker Punks Love Feast by recording and uploading your 30-second or so answer to one or more of the following questions:

When have you been shown great love?

Where have you seen great acts of service?

How have you experienced humility?

Help create a meaningful virtual love feast service and get a chance to be a voice on the show! The Dunker Punks Podcast is not a one-way project in which you only put on the headphones: we are a ministry community where we pass the mic to learn from each other in mutual spiritual aid and action. One of the key components is that sense of togetherness we feel by hearing voices of Dunkers from across the country on the podcast, so we would love to hear from you!

If you are a pastor or worship planner, email us at dpp@arlingtoncob.org to learn more about how your community might partner with us on this episode.

And no matter your religious affiliation, age, or preferred communion bread recipe, record a 30-second or so audio or video clip to your phone and upload it through the following link to be featured on this year’s Love Feast episode. The deadline is March 28. Send to http://bit.ly/DPP_DropBox4LoveFeast.


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