Dana Cassell resigns from the Thriving in Ministry Initiative

Dana Cassell has resigned as program manager of the Thriving in Ministry Initiative for the Church of the Brethren’s Office of Ministry, effective Sept. 16. She has served in this role since Jan. 7, 2019, managing the Part-time Pastor; Full-time Church program.

The Office of Ministry will continue to support this program in the interim period, working closely with the Thriving in Ministry Advisory Committee in seeking new staffing.

Thriving in Ministry is a grant-funded initiative offering support for multivocational Church of the Brethren pastors. As a multivocational pastor herself, Cassell offered leadership that has been passionate about the value and gifts of multivocational ministry for the church in the current climate. She created a strong partnership with a team of “circuit riders” who are making significant contacts with program participants.

She also worked on a large-scale survey intended to ensure that the resources and content of the program would focus on needs as named by multivocational pastors themselves, working with the marketing firm CRANE, Atlanta. Over a period of two months, an attempt was made to contact every multivocational minister in the denomination through phone calls and emails.

Dana Cassell preaches the Sunday morning sermon for NYC 2018. Photo by Glenn Riegel.

Her previous work for the denomination included serving as contract staff for Ministry Formation in the Office of Ministry. She coordinated the 2014 Clergy Women’s Retreat, served in interpretation and resource development for a major revision of the Ministerial Leadership Polity of Annual Conference that was approved in 2014, and coordinated planning for Ministry Summer Service.

In addition, among many others her numerous leadership contributions have included writing for Messenger magazine, preaching for National Youth Conference, teaching a course for Ventures at McPherson (Kan.) College, presenting at the New and Renew Conference and Annual Conference and other denominational venues and events. Her involvement at the denominational level included service as a Brethren Volunteer Service worker working in the BVS office at the General Offices in Elgin, Ill.

Cassell continues as pastor of Peace Covenant Church of the Brethren in Durham, N.C., where she plans to increase her engagement with local community ministries as she continues to serve multi‐vocationally.


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