Brethren Volunteer Service holds in-person summer orientation, plans in-person fall orientation

By Pauline Liu

Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS) hosted an in‐person summer orientation at Inspiration Hills Camp in Burbank, Ohio, from July 18 to Aug. 6. Unit 329 had five volunteers. BVSers and staff spent three weeks in intentional community connecting with each other through meaningful conversations, exploring different cooking techniques, living in solidarity, and serving the local community in Ohio.

With COVID‐19 guidelines in place, BVS is excited to host another upcoming in‐person orientation experience at Camp Brethren Heights in Rodney, Mich. The Fall Unit 330 will hold orientation Oct. 3-22. Applications are accepted through Sept. 3, and we encourage all applicants 18 years and older to apply.

BVS provides a number of benefits: housing and food, transportation to and from your project site, medical insurance, the option of loan deferment, valuable professional and technical experience, spiritual formation, and much more.

For more about Brethren Volunteer Service and how to apply, go to

— Pauline Liu coordinates volunteers for Brethren Volunteer Service.

The new volunteers are shown here with information about their home congregations or hometowns and project site placements: (from left) Lydia DeMoss of Bolingbrook, Ill., will serve at L’Arche Syracuse, N.Y.; Malachi Nelson of McMinnville, Ore., will serve at La Puente Home in Alamosa, Colo., on an interim basis, before traveling to the World Friendship Center in Hiroshima, Japan; LeRae Wilson of Denton, Md., will serve at L’Arche Dublin, Ireland; Erika Clary of Brownsville Church of the Brethren will serve as National Youth Conference coordinator working with the Church of the Brethren Youth and Young Adult Ministry in Elgin, Ill.; and Galen Fitzkee of Lancaster (Pa.) Church of the Brethren will serve at the Church of the Brethren Office of Peacebuilding and Policy in Washington, D.C.


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