Brethren Benefit Trust announces online insurance portal and online application for church workers’ assistance, holds fall board meetings

A release from BBT

Brethren Benefit Trust announces the opening of the Brethren Insurance Service’s online insurance portal for Open Enrollment 2022 as of Nov. 15. Also now online are Church Workers’ Assistance Plan applications. And the Church of the Brethren Benefit Trust Board is holding its fall meetings Nov. 17-20, via Zoom. Read more below.

Open enrollment

Brethren Insurance Service’s online insurance portal is live at The new online portal offered by Brethren Insurance Services went live on Monday, Nov. 15, the same day Open Enrollment for 2022 started. Insurance clients can now sign up to continue using their current insurance offerings, increase their coverage, or enroll in new insurance products all from the convenience of their laptop, tablet, or phone. Open Enrollment will continue through Nov. 30.

BBT has partnered with Milliman, a highly respected independent risk management, benefits, and technology firm founded in 1947, in order to bring this online feature to its customers and provide ongoing insurance administration services.

“We are so pleased to offer this new option to our members, and have been keeping a close eye on things since the portal opened on Monday,” Lynnae Rodeffer, director of Employee Benefits, reported. “This online process, which is also supported by a call center staffed by Milliman’s knowledgeable employees, makes it much easier for our members to sign up or change insurance, and manage their beneficiaries, especially during Open Enrollment.”

Church Workers’ Assistance Plan

Church Workers’ Assistance Plan applications are online. In addition to the new insurance portal on the BBT website, online applications for grants from the Church Workers’ Assistance Plan are now available at this link:

This benevolent grant program is intended to provide financial assistance to current and former clergy and lay employees of Church of the Brethren congregations, districts, or camps, who meet minimum tenure requirements, have worked at least half-time (1,000 hours/year), and have no other means of financial assistance.

BBT Board fall meeting

The BBT Board is holding its November meetings virtually. The Church of the Brethren Benefit Trust Board is holding its fall meetings Nov. 17-20, via Zoom. The group is expected to approve its budget for 2022, and is working with Nevin Dulabaum, president, to implement five strategic directions.

“The BBT Board and staff are working closely together to guide BBT as it faces the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic, and to proactively adapt to the changing business environment of the future,” said Dulabaum.

During its meetings the board is expected to hear a comprehensive study on the Brethren Pension Plan, which shows that it is in strong financial standing. The board also is expected to approve housing allowance designations so that pastors receiving a retirement benefit from the Brethren Pension Plan can consider their entire payment to be housing allowance. The board is also expected to approve the continued service of two investment managers, receive professional growth training on what it means to be a strong fiduciary, and greet the four members who joined the board this year: Donna March, Jan Fahs, Sara Davis, and Kathryn Whitacre.

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