Workcamp Ministry to be known as Faith Outreach Expeditions or FaithX

By Hannah Shultz

The Church of the Brethren Workcamp Ministry is excited to announce that the program will now be operating under a new name: Faith Outreach Expeditions, or FaithX for short.

In the past year, Brethren Volunteer Service staff have engaged in a visioning process to rename the workcamp ministry and to determine the future direction for the short-term service program. In the future, BVS hopes to expand short-term service options by offering additional opportunities for college-aged students and older adults and by increasing year-round programming.

The name “Faith Outreach Expeditions” will be used for all short-term service opportunities offered by Brethren Volunteer Service. This name speaks to the mission and goals of short-term service work and is more inviting to non-Church of the Brethren folk as well.

In the new name, the word “faith” expresses that these experiences are a place for theological exploration, discernment, and spiritual growth. The word “outreach” speaks to the experience of becoming the hands and feet of Christ to the world. The word “expeditions” emphasizes the sense of adventure and fun that we hope all participants experience while serving.

Staff are excited to continue the Workcamp Ministry under this new name and hope that all will consider participating in FaithX next summer! New information about FaithX 2021 options, including tier cost information, can be found at

Hannah Shultz is coordinator of short-term service for Brethren Volunteer Service and the Church of the Brethren.

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