Themes and writers are announced for upcoming compelling vision Bible studies

By Rhonda Pittman Gingrich

The Compelling Vision Team is developing a 13-session Bible study series around the compelling vision being proposed for the Church of the Brethren. Designed for use by youth and adults, the series will be available at no cost on the compelling vision webpage in February 2021. Sample sessions will be posted in mid-January.

Recognizing the importance of discerning the mind of Christ through communal study of scripture, it is our hope that this Bible study series will serve a two-fold purpose: to help congregations engage more deeply with the “Jesus in the Neighborhood” vision and to help congregations and their delegates prepare for the conversations to take place at Annual Conference as we move toward affirmation of the compelling vision.

Each of the 13 sessions has as its focus a question that invites participants to explore a different word or phrase in the vision and has been written by a different person, creating a series that is rich in both breadth and depth. The project is edited by Joan Daggett. Plans also are underway to translate this resource into Spanish and Haitian Kreyol. We are grateful for the role each member of this diverse team has played in bringing this project to fruition.

Here are the themes for the 13 sessions along with the question prompts and writers:

  1. Theme: Vision. What is vision? Why is it important for the faith community to have vision? Written by Brandon Grady.
  2. Theme: “Together….” What binds us together in Christian community? Written by Audrey and Tim Hollenberg-Duffey.
  3. Theme: “As the Church of the Brethren….” How do scripture and tradition inform our current denominational identity? Written by Denise Kettering Lane.
  4. Theme: “We will passionately live and share….” What does it mean to be spiritually passionate? Written by Kayla and Ilexene Alphonse.
  5. Theme: “The radical transformation….” What does it mean to be radically transformed through Jesus Christ? Written by Thomas Dowdy.
  6. Theme: “And holistic peace….” What is the nature of the holistic peace of Jesus Christ and how are we called to embody it? Written by Gail Erisman Valeta.
  7. Theme: “Of Jesus Christ….” How do we understand Jesus as Redeemer? Written by Jennifer Quijano West.
  8. Theme: “Of Jesus Christ….” How do we understand Jesus as Teacher? Written by Val Kline.
  9. Theme: “Of Jesus Christ….” How do we understand Jesus as Lord? Written by Ryan Cooper.
  10. Theme: “Through relationship-based neighborhood engagement.” How does the example of Jesus Christ challenge us to build life-changing relationships with our neighbors? Written by Becky Zapata.
  11. Theme: “To move us forward, we will develop a culture….” How is God calling us to reshape the underlying culture of our life together? Written by Andy Hamilton.
  12. Theme: “A culture of calling and equipping disciples….” What does it mean to call and equip disciples for the strengthening of the body of Christ? Written by Bobbi Dykema.
  13. Theme: “Disciples who are innovative, adaptable, and fearless.” How does God call us to be innovative, adaptable, and fearless? Written by Eric Landram.

Rhonda Pittman Gingrich is chair of the Compelling Vision Team.


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