Plans for a denominational virtual choir are moving forward

2020 Annual Conference Logo
Art by Timothy Botts

Church of the Brethren Annual Conference moderator Paul Mundey has announced plans for a denominational virtual choir. A webpage will be available shortly, with resources that will allow people from across the church to add their voice to a mass Church of the Brethren choir. Three hymns are projected to be a part of the overall project: “Blessed Assurance,” “I See a New World Coming,” and “Move in Our Midst.”

Assisting Mundey with this project are moderator-elect David Sollenberger and Enten Eller, who coordinated the recent live streamed love feast that was sponsored by the Office of Ministry.

Commenting on the vision of a denominational virtual choir, Mundey said, “As we continue to explore new ways to connect with each other during the ongoing pandemic, the possibility of a denominational virtual choir holds great promise. Throughout history, song has united people of faith during times of crisis. I anticipate that uniting the Church of the Brethren in song virtually will accomplish a similar outcome.”

A number of other faith communities, including the Episcopal Church, have initiated similar projects.

In addition to a denominational choir, plans continue for other virtual events during the week of July 1-5 when the now-canceled 2020 Annual Conference would have been held in Grand Rapids, Mich. Additional details on those events will be released soon.

To be included on the mailing list to receive updates about the denominational virtual choir and the link to the project webpage, email your name and contact information to .

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