New Brethren Press resources include Shine’s All of Us Bible storybook and the 2020 Advent devotional

New from Brethren Press are the Shine curriculum’s All of Us: God’s Story for You and Me, a Bible storybook for children, and the 2020 Advent devotional Give Light, written by James Benedict. Brethren Press resources may be ordered from or call 800-441-3712.

All of Us

The new Bible storybook from Shine, a curriculum jointly published by Brethren Press and MennoMedia, is available to purchase from for $10.99. It also is available to Sunday school teachers and students through the regular curriculum order process used by many congregations.

Although it serves as the source of the Bible story for the primary, older elementary, and multi-age classes in Shine, it also is suitable for purchase by families for use at home.

Each Bible story is told in two ways: an illustrated cartoon-style version, and a written story for reading together with children. One new volume of All of Us is being produced each year. This year’s includes selected stories from Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Isaiah, Luke, Matthew, Mark, and Acts.

Advent devotional

Give Light is this year’s Advent devotional for the Church of the Brethren. This pocket-sized paperback includes a reading, scripture, and prayer for each day of the season. It is suitable for individual purchase and for congregations to provide to their members.

The Advent devotional is now available at an early order special price of $3.50, or $6.95 for large print, through Sept. 28. After that date, prices go up to $4 or $7.95 for large print.

Yearly subscriptions for both the Advent and Lenten devotionals from Brethren Press are now on an early order special for $7, or $13.90 for large print, through Sept. 28. After that date prices go up to $8 or $15.90 for large print for the yearly subscription.

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