Lockdown already ended for church workers in China

Brethren service worker Ruoxia Li and colleague Cuizhen Guo receive 128,000 medical gloves donated by charity organization Anhui Ren’ai. Photo by Eric Miller

Eric Miller reports that the lockdown at his home in Pingding, China, has ended. Miller and his wife, Ruoxia Li, have returned to work in the offices of their local partner, You’ai Hospital. They spent about a month at home with only two trips to the grocery store for supplies.

Li and Miller recently signed a service agreement with the Church of the Brethren regarding their continuing work in China. They have been serving in Pingding since August 2012. Li has established a hospice program at You’ai Hospital. Miller has focused on improving management and developing international partnerships for the hospital.

No news cases of COVID-19 had been reported in Shanxi Province for the last 18 days, Miller reported on March 18. There is a great deal of activity in the area now, although schools remain closed and temperature checks and masks are still in place in some areas.

“We know we went through what America is going through over a month ago, so we have some idea what it is like,” Miller said in an email report. “Here in Shanxi we appear to be coming out on the other side, and America will too.”

Miller reported that they are able to be able to resume visits with hospice patients, a particularly vulnerable group during this time.

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