International perspectives – Venezuela: Prayer requests for peace

“Receive from me and from the Church of the Brethren in Venezuela’s National Board, a fraternal hug and a word of blessing in the name of our Lord,” wrote Robert Anzoátegui, president of Iglesia de los Hermanos Venezuela. “In the current moments we need to recognize that God is the one who can bring on-time help, and therefore we communicate with you some of the ours most relevant prayer requests.”

Prayer requests from Venezuela:

Peace for our Venezuela, and sensitivity toward God`s word in everyone.

Peace by taking away from our territory all external and internal warfare.

Peace in our hearts as we pray for a genuine encounter of each and every Venezuelan with Jesus Christ, recognizing that he is our Lord.

Peace to keep us still, remaining joyful in the faith that this circumstance is passing. For those who love God, all things will also be for good (Romans 8:28).

For the church of Jesus Christ, so that in every corner of our country and the world we bear witness that he is living inside us, through service to our neighbor.

For the churches that are being founded in the urban, rural, and indigenous areas.

For the National Evangelistic Project La RED.

For our National Ministerial Training Program.

For the National Supply Project. (Provision of food to each Brethren family.)

For our sowing project we pray for an agricultural grant, so that we can start it. Because of the paralysis of the country and lack of gasoline supply, it is paralyzed.

For the health of ministers and lay people who are currently sick in our local churches.

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