International perspectives – Spain: ‘Our seven churches are safe’

Santos Terrero of Iglesia de los Hermanos “Una Luz en las Naciones” (the Church of the Brethren in Spain) wrote from Gijón on April 3 to report on their situation. At the time, Spain had the second-highest number of deaths related to coronavirus and more than 10,000 people had died, second only to Italy among European countries in terms of fatalities caused by the virus.

On April 3, he wrote, “Authorities believe the virus is now peaking and say they expect to see a drop in figures in the days ahead.

“Spain’s streets have turned eerily empty since the government declared the state of emergency and imposed a nationwide lockdown for two weeks–aiming to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the country. Additionally, all educative centers, non-essential shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, stadiums, cinemas, and museums have been closed since March 14 but supermarkets, pharmacies, newsstands, and hairdressers are among the businesses that are allowed to remain open.

“Police drive around the city using megaphones to warn residents to stay indoors for their security.

“Those disobeying the conditions of the state of alert could face fines starting from 6,000 Euros or imprisonment should they ‘resist or seriously disobey the authorities or officers when they are carrying out their functions.’

“Despite how bad all this may sound, our seven churches are safe. We have followed the government’s measures and we do not have a single case of coronavirus among our members. The Church of the Brethren in Spain has been closed since March 14. We are not holding religious services to respect the government measures, but we keep in touch preaching the gospel four days a week and praying seven days a week through social networks, especially Facebook and Whatsapp. Within our means, we are supplying any economic need that our brethren may have.”

Prayer requests from Spain:

For a pastoral house. 
For the church.
For spiritual strength in this time of lockdown.
For our elders. May God strengthen their immune systems.
For cities affected by the coronavirus, especially Catalonia, the Basque Country, and Madrid.
For the global economy and the church membership economy.
For comfort to those who have lost a loved one.
For patients, not only of coronavirus but of any ailment.
For our ministries.
For the unity of the family.
For protection for those who have to go out to work.
For the people of God. For revival and spiritual activation.
To reach the peak of pandemic this week.

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