Church in Spain requests prayer for outbreak of COVID-19

Iglesia de los Hermanos “Una Luz en las Naciones” (the Church of the Brethren in Spain, “A Light to the Nations”) is seeking prayer for church members affected by an outbreak of COVID-19 at its congregation in Gijon.

Initially, five COVID-19 cases had been confirmed among church members as of Monday, Sept. 21. Today, Sept. 25, the Church of the Brethren Global Mission office received word that 33 church members have tested positive and another 12 have symptoms but are awaiting test results. Some church members are hospitalized including the mother of pastor Fausto Carrasco. The congregation has a total of about 70 members.

“Your prayers will come and the family will thank you,” Carrasco wrote to the Brethren in the US in a Facebook post today.

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