BVS continuing to support volunteers through COVID-19 crisis

By Emily Tyler

Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS) has been working with its project partners and volunteers around the world to encourage caution and safety during this COVID-19 crisis. Its mid-year retreat for domestic volunteers that was scheduled for March 23-27 has been cancelled and, instead, volunteers will gather virtually for a day of retreat activities and reflecting.

Earlier this week, the German government requested that EIRENE, a partner organization of BVS for more than 40 years, pull all of their volunteers back to Germany. EIRENE sends about 10 volunteers to the US per year through BVS.

BVS continues to be in close communication with its volunteers who are serving domestically and internationally, some of whom are choosing to return home.

— Emily Tyler is director of Brethren Volunteer Service. Find out more about BVS at .

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