Gathering will dedicate memorial stones for conscientious objectors

By Paul Cesare

An ecumenical gathering on Wednesday, May 15, will hold a ceremony related to the 2019 International Conscientious Objection Day, and all are invited. A special focus of this gathering will be to dedicate engraved stones remembering those who, in the spirit of two cherished Bible passages (Isaiah 2:4 and Luke 19:42), were conscientious objectors during World War I.

The memorial stones will be placed on the premises of the nation’s only World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Mo. The stones will be placed at the entrance, near those stones dedicated by the Hutterites in 2017 at the Remembering Muted Voices Symposium ( ).

Please join us to remember in our present age the values we still hold dear as Christians, interwoven with the gospel message of nonviolence and reconciliation. Although entrance to the ceremony is free and open to the public, we would prefer that you RSVP at .

Following is information about the event. A program is forthcoming with additional details. For questions, please contact Paul Cesare at .

An Ecumenical Prayer for Peace and Recognition of All Who Served During World War I 
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
6-7 p.m. 
The World War I Museum and Memorial
Paul Sunderland Bridge
2 Memorial Drive
Kansas City, MO 64108

For directions go to .

— Paul Cesare is peace coordinator at First Central Church of the Brethren in Kansas City, Mo.

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