Compelling Vision Process Team issues post-Annual Conference report

The Compelling Vision Process Team at work logging and reviewing responses in real time during the first compelling vision conversation session at the 2019 Annual Conference. Photo by Glenn Riegel

By Chris Douglas

The Compelling Vision Process Team has written a report on the Compelling Vision conversations that took place at Annual Conference in Greensboro in July. This report is being shared at district conferences and/or through district communication channels. We thought that all of you might be interested in reading it since so much of our time at the past Conference was spent discussing together a compelling vision for the Church of the Brethren. You may find this report by clicking this link: .

In addition, as promised, recognizing that creativity breeds creativity and hope nurtures hope, the team has posted the complete list of responses to two questions discussed at Annual Conference:

— Describe a Christ-centered ministry you have observed in another Church of the Brethren congregation or in the wider body in the last year that made you more hopeful about our future. See all of the responses at .

— What is the next big idea to address one or more of the world’s needs? See all of the responses at .

Thank you for your participation in the Compelling Vision process!

— Chris Douglas is director of Annual Conference. Read the full report from the Compelling Vision Process Team at .

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