Committee formed to challenge districts to help call people to the ministry

By Nancy Sollenberger Heishman

A “Calling the Called” committee has been formed to carry out the work of challenging every Church of the Brethren district to hold an event for persons to discern a call of God to the set-apart ministry.

The original “Calling the Called” event was developed by Atlantic Northeast District. Virlina District holds the events periodically, with the last being sponsored jointly with Shenandoah District. Such gatherings enable congregations to support and accompany individuals in discerning the call of God upon their lives and learn more about what that call to ministry entails. 

The “Calling the Called” committee is tasked with challenging and supporting every district in holding an event over the coming year. Committee members include Harvey Leddy of Roanoke, Va.; Nathan Hollenberg, Broadway, Va.; Cheryl Marszalek, Uniontown, Pa.; Kris Shunk, administrative assistant for Middle Pennsylvania District; Beth Sollenberger, district executive minister of South/Central Indiana District; and Nancy S. Heishman, director of the Office of Ministry.

Funds donated through the Sunday morning offering of the 2019 Annual Conference will support this effort. A video describing the program can be viewed at .

— Nancy Sollenberger Heishman is director of the Church of the Brethren Office of Ministry.

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