Brethren Life & Thought offers digital access

By Karen Garrett

In the Brethren Journal Association (BJA) annual report to the spring 2019 meeting of the Bethany Theological Seminary board of trustees, association president Jim Grossnickle-Batterton reported the following:

“‘Brethren Life & Thought’ continues to offer multiple platforms for conversation in the furtherance of our mission to ‘nurture the life and mind within the Church of the Brethren.’ The BJA remains committed to facilitating these conversations by seeking new ways to reach interested readers. To that end, BJA has committed itself to offering ‘Brethren Life & Thought’ in a digital format. One of our major tasks this year will be working out the logistical details of this project.”

The intention is to begin offering subscriptions to a digital format “Brethren Life & Thought” beginning with Vol 64.1 (Spring/Summer 2019). In addition the journal will continue to publish in print format version for the foreseeable future. It is currently behind in its publication schedule but by the end of the calendar year, Vol 64.1 should be available in both print and digital format. Watch for future announcements about the details of this new venture. The subscription page on the Bethany website has been updated to reflect the digital subscription costs.

As a step in the digital direction, the journal announces that beginning with Vol 63.1 (Spring/Summer 2018) one article per issue will be available to read online or download at . For this premier launch we share Robert Johansen’s article “How the Peace of Christ Confronts the Wars of the World” as a free download.

The “Brethren Life & Thought” logo accompanying this article might not look familiar except to those who use our social media. “Brethren Life & Thought is on Facebook and has a blog at .

— Karen Garrett is office manager for “Brethren Life & Thought.”

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