‘Inglenook Desserts,’ Joseph Bible study, children’s Advent devotional now available from Brethren Press

Church of the Brethren Newsline
June 25, 2018
Three new Brethren Press books are now available: “Inglenook Desserts,” the latest in the Inglenook cookbooks series offering recipes from Brethren kitchens; “25 Days to Jesus: A Children’s Advent Devotional” written by Christy Waltersdorff and illustrated by Mitch Miller; and “Joseph,” a Covenant Bible Study written by Eugene F. Roop.Inglenook Desserts

Inglenook cookbooks are a cherished tradition passed from generation to generation in the Church of the Brethren. The recipes contained in these cookbooks were tested in kitchens across the denomination and selected for their value, excellence, and simplicity. “Inglenook Desserts” is the newest addition to the series with more than 175 recipes and including essays and reflections on family and church traditions related to the recipes. Inglenook cookbooks originate from the rich Brethren heritage of treasuring food and table fellowship, as well as the emphasis on living simply. Available at www.brethrenpress.com or order by calling 800-441-3712. Cost is $25.

25 Days to Jesus

This illustrated Advent devotional for children by Christy Waltersdorff and Mitch Miller invites children and their families to meet the people whose lives were changed by the birth of Jesus. Each day’s story also includes a scripture reference and a prayer. The book is designed to offer families a chance to reflect together upon Jesus as God’s greatest gift. Available at www.brethrenpress.com or order by calling 800-441-3712. Cost is $18.95.


The story of Joseph concludes the ancestral narratives found in Genesis, fraught with family conflict. In this latest volume in the Covenant Bible Studies series from Brethren Press, Old Testament scholar and former Bethany Seminary president Eugene F. Roop examines the conflicts that include parental favoritism, sibling hatred, and the question of generational sin. Studying this rich story opens up readers to constructive ways to respond to the conflicts experienced in families and congregations today. Small groups that use this resource will discover, as Joseph did, that God is working through, alongside, and beyond the choices we make, and will be invited into God’s new world of shalom and well-being. Available at www.brethrenpress.com or order by calling 800-441-3712. Cost: $10.95.

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