‘The Magnificent Story’ is the 2017 Advent devotional from Brethren Press

Church of the Brethren Newsline
November 10, 2017

This year’s Advent devotional booklet published by Brethren Press is titled “The Magnificent Story” and written by James H. Lehman. The Brethren Press devotional series is published twice a year, in anticipation of the Advent and Lenten seasons. The pocket sized paperback booklet is suitable for individual devotions as well as for congregations to give to their members, and costs $3.50 for regular print, or $6.95 for large print.

In other news from Brethren Press, the theme and author for the Lenten devotional for 2018 have been announced: “Growing in God’s Garden” by Erin Matteson.

Also, the Winter quarter of “A Guide for Biblical Studies” is now available, for use by adult Sunday school classes and small groups in the months of December 2017 and January and February 2018. “Faith in Action” is the theme for the Winter book, written by Harold S. Martin, with Frank Ramirez writing the “Out of Context” feature. “Guide” offers a chapter for each week of study, daily scripture texts for individual devotional reading, study questions, and more.

Advent devotional

“We are invited to encounter the people and places and events of the Advent story, and even some ideas it has inspired, in order to come closer to the One who gave us the story,” said a Brethren Press announcement of the devotional. “In the midst of the activities and challenges of the Christmas season, may these daily devotions give us moments of quiet and joy…. May we open our hearts, once again, to this magnificent story and allow its drama to remind us of the mystery and beauty and power of God’s love.”

The announcement noted that becoming a seasonal subscriber to the devotional series is easy, saves money, and costs only $6 a year for both the Advent and Lenten booklet in regular print, or $12 a year for both booklets in large print. Subscriptions are renewed automatically each year at the discounted rate, and bulk quantities can be adjusted with a simple call. Subscribers can cancel their enrollment in the program at any time.

To purchase the Advent devotional or “A Guide for Biblical Studies,” call Brethren Press at 800-441-3712 or order online at www.brethrenpress.com . To sign up for the seasonal devotional standing order program, call 800-441-3712.

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