Celebrate the generations during Older Adult Month, National Youth Sunday

Church of the Brethren Newsline
April 21, 2017

By Debbie Eisenbise

Each May congregations are encouraged to celebrate the contributions of members of all generations to our life together. The first Sunday in May (May 7) is National Youth Sunday, a day when youth are engaged in planning, organizing, and leading worship. The entire month is designated as Older Adult Month, an opportunity for congregations to celebrate God’s gift of aging and the contributions of elders in our midst.

This year’s theme for both is “Generations Celebrating Faith” based on Psalm 145:4: “One generation shall laud God’s work to another and shall declare God’s mighty acts.” Worship resources based on this reading and Acts 2:42-47 can be found at www.brethren.org/yya/national-youth-sunday.html and  www.brethren.org/oam/older-adult-month.html .

These resources were written collaboratively by people from different generations. The Congregational Life Ministries staff thanks David and Rachel Witkovsky, Dana and Karen Cassell, and Tyler Roebuck for their contributions.

For additional intergenerational activities, see the 2016 Older Adult Month page at www.brethren.org/oam/2016-oam-month.html . Also, since Psalm 145:4 is the theme for Inspiration 2017, this year’s National Older Adult Conference, and registration is now underway, congregations are encouraged to promote this opportunity during May. For more information go to www.brethren.org/noac .

— Debbie Eisenbise is director of Intergenerational Ministries for the Church of the Brethren and a member of the staff of Congregational Life Ministries.

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