Brethren Press offers Lenten devotional focused on mercy

Church of the Brethren Newsline
February 3, 2017

“Medicine of Mercy” is the title of the Lenten devotional from Brethren Press. The Lenten devotional is one of two annual devotional booklets published by Brethren Press, along with the Advent devotional. This year’s Lenten devotional is written by Theresa Eshbach.

The devotional offers a daily scripture text, reading, and prayer for the season of Lent, from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday. The devotional is available in a pocket-sized paperback suitable for individual use and for congregations to provide to their members. Large-print copies also are available.

The price is $3.50 per booklet, or $6.95 for large print. Seasonal subscribers receive the two booklets–both the Advent and Lenten devotionals–for a discounted price of $6 or $12 for large print. Shipping charges will be added to the invoice. Order online at or call 800-441-3712.

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