Ventures Webinar Will Train Leaders for Congregational Ethics Self-Study

A Ventures online course is planned to aid congregations in training leaders to help them study the Congregational Ethics document adopted recently by Annual Conference. Ventures is a ministry training initiative hosted at McPherson (Kan.) College.

The online course, “Congregational Ethics: Patterns of Healthy Communities,” will be held onf Saturday, Sept. 10, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon (central time). The leader for the course is Joshua Brockway, director of spiritual life and discipleship for the Church of the Brethren and the Congregational Life Ministries staff member who worked most closely with the congregational ethics document.

“All congregations are being asked to study the Congregational Ethics paper passed at last year’s Annual Conference,” noted an announcement that identified the Ventures course as a way for congregation to develop leadership for their own study processes.

“In this webinar we will explore the vision for vital congregations,” said Brockway. “We will look briefly at the structure of the polity, and then explore the Code of Ethics through a number of case and Bible studies.”

Go to www.mcpherson.edu/ventures to find more information and to register for the course. There is no charge for the course, but a $15 donation is welcomed. Continuing education credit is available for ministers at the cost of $10.



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